WP1 - Management

WP1 is about the financial, technical, and operational management, as well as EACEA reporting and project capitalization.

Management and quality assurance will be present throughout the project, using milestones as well as monitoring and evaluation indicators to properly evaluate whether the project is on track and the objectives are being met on a regular basis.

WP2 - Preparation

WP2 consists in preparing the CVET MOOCs and purchasing the necessary ICT equipment.

The methodology of implementation consists of:

  • Co-design of MOOC contents with stakeholders, o promote stakeholders’ active participation in design of CVET modules;
  • Purchasing of ICT equipment, to deliver ICT equipment needed for the CVET courses;
  • Train the Trainers courses, to establish knowledge transfer and collaboration between European and Palestinian - Jordanian institutes.

WP3 - Development of MOOCs

WP3 consists in developing 4 MOOCs targeting food science/ technology graduates and professionals with more than 3 years’ experience in the sector. Their aim will be upskilling. 

The methodology of implementation consists of:

  • Finalisation of subjects with stakeholders;
  • Pilot 4 MOOCs;

WP3 aims to develop and pilot specialized training modules (MOOCs) based on EU experience and Jordanian/ Palestinian food sector needs; to promote industry’s active participation in design of CVET modules; to create upskilling paths in CVET and promote accreditation of microcredits; and to establish knowledge transfer and collaboration between European and Jordanian and Palestinian institutes.

WP4 - Quality

All project partners will review the quality of work and working methods, which will be discussed at project meetings. In the context of each activity's validation step, the outputs of each activity will be assessed for conformity with the objectives set, before the finalisation of the activity's deliverables. WP4 aims to define quality and evaluation mechanisms and criteria and through them, supervising the quality of project deliverables as well as their consistency with end users and promote quality culture in education and CVET in particular.

WP5 - Dissemination and Sustainability

WP5 will include dissemination and exploitation operations, which will be thoroughly described and directed by a dissemination and exploitation plan.

An Advisory Board will be established as a part of the stakeholders’ engagement and the establishment of labour market ties with the industry, which will provide feedback for the effective addressing of the needs of the local sector.

WP5 will promote and disseminate the project intermediary and final results and outcomes, and the sustainability and exploitation after project ending.